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Smash & Grab on M8


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Last night I was only supposed to be out to take a couple of test subs to measure the true sensitivity gain of 2x2 binning with the 314L+ (which is x1.85 - needs varification). But it stayed clear(ish) for a short while so I thought I'd have another go at M8 - which has so far eluded me at every attempt.

This is pretty high on the toughness scale for me being as its so low, but the guiding held out for long enough to get half an hour on it before the clouds started to roll in from the South.

Im hoping Saturday night will be clear enough to have a proper go at this one because its a real giver.... quite a large dynamic range too (I had to layer it to avoid blowing the core of the nebula).

M8: Lagoon Nebula

ED80, Atik 314L+, CG5-GT

6x300 (Ha)

Setpoint -10

Thanks for looking ;)



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Cheers guys, this certainly is a tricky target from my location. In adittion, this is the only target so far where i have had to rotate the camera by 90 degrees - easier said than done when its all t-threaded together. I could do with one of those push-fit adaptors for the reducer, it would make the whole procedure a lot easier.

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Thanks again ;) I hope to add more soon, and will probably stick with the 5min exposure times, about 25 or 30 should give me a good chunk of data to get my teeth into. Not sure whether I will get the chance to add OIII becuase its such a fleeting target - fingers crossed for some clear sky this weekend!

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Thanks Kev ;) The clouds have stayed persistent though, so theres been no action here. It was clear last night at about 2am, but I was on "baby patrol" last night so no chance of setting up. Plus while theres any chance of rain Im reluctant to go out. Its times like these when I wish I had a permanent obsy - It would be such a luxury to just wander down the garden, flick a couple of switches and have everything up and running.... bliss! Not my garden though, so Im a bit stuck.

Im off work until Wednesday, so if im lucky I might get something in over the next couple of nights (all fingers and toes crossed!). It will need to be done soon becuase by the end of this month I will have missed it and I would have to wait until next year :rolleyes:


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Well done... very nice indeed. :rolleyes: Too low for me up north..

It goes to show what can be achieved by having a go even between the clouds.

So many times Ive walked outside and thought is it worth it?

It does help having a very sensitive camera though... or a very fast telescope ;)

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