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Just order my telrad anyone used?


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its just a peice of plastic over the lense if im right. and they want 20 odd quid for it im building one. cheers ill keep checking astro boot tho looks quite good

You do need something to keep the dew off.I use a simple piece of plastic stuck down on one side with sticky tape. Works a treat as long as you remember to flip it back over when not using the telrad.

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I agree with all comments about Telrads and dew. make your own shield or buy the Astroboot one, it was on there last night and in fact today too http://www.scopesnskies.com/images/astroboot/Image-29_2010-04-17.JPG

I have used both and ignoring the size issue where the Rigel winds every time) feel which is best depends which end of the scope you are fitting it.

for dobs I feel the Telrad is better as the eye placement is not as fussy and you can literally look from a couple of metres away. refractors and Maks etc than I think the Rigel would work better as being closer to the viewpoint, you will get more accuracy and as John says, the Rigel is a bit higher so therefore makes it a more comfortable unit on those scopes.

If I can get away with using a Telrad then this would always be my choice.

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