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Fireball Sightings


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Greg (Phattire) and I were out observing last night and saw some impressive streaks across the sky; today, I read the following at Spaceweather.com:

In recent nights, sky watchers have seen some spectacular fireballs. Where are they coming from? Experts aren't sure, but it could be the Taurid meteor shower.

Every year around this time, Earth passes through a river of space dust associated with Comet Encke. The encounter usually produces a dim meteor shower emanating from the constellation Taurus.

The ongoing shower, however, is not dim. Astronomers have long suspected that a swarm of pebble-sized meteoroids lurks within the Taurid dust stream. When Earth meets the swarm, as in 2005, we get fireballs. More of these bright meteors are possible in the nights ahead.

Did anyone else see anything?

Steve :clouds1:

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