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Noob Directions please.

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Hi all i am sure there are tutorials here but i cant find them.

I have absolutly no idea about photography astro or regular and things like taking darks and stuff means nothing to me but seem to be quite important.

Could some one please point me in the direction of some of the very helpful tutorials done by the obviously very cleaver (and handsome/pretty) people here. :)

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Hi Mark, there are plenty of tutorials in these two forums..

Primers and Tutorials - Stargazers Lounge

Imaging - Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Stargazers Lounge

which cover many things. Have a look through and if there is something you want to know that these don't cover then you only need ask :)

For astrophotography there is no better source of info than Steve's book; Making Every Photon Count.

Best advice I can give is; take your time, read all you can and don't expect Hubble quality images the first time out. There's a lot to learn, but it's great fun and very satisfying.

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Huh, it took me two full weeks to challenge Hubble....

I have been imaging for about 4 months...my advice...read everything you can (books listed above are excellent), visit Stargazer's Lounge daily and learn from others and....practice, practice, practice.

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