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powering a telescope and mount

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A leisure battery of about 85AH, connect one of those cigarette 4 way adapters to it, and plug all your equipment into it via cigarette plugs.

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I would consider getting a new Power Tank from maplin.

They tend to lose there charge if they are not recharged reguler and you can not be sure how a 2nd hand has been serviced.

I have a Mapling Powertank which cost about £60 it is the 6 in 1 with 140w inverter.

So ar not had any problems with it.

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The ideal is, as Doc suggests, a leisure battery as used in caravans and boats. These are designed for allowing a small current to be drawn for a considerable time before recharging. Car batteries and powertanks are designed for a single, huge "oomph!!" (to get a car started) and then an immediate recharge.

Leisure batteries may seem expensive but, with the correct charger/conditioner will last for years.

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