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Suggest an object for tonight!

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Hey guys,

I haven't been observing for weeks and weeks and weeks because of the weather and work :eek:

I know the sky has changed quite a bit and I may have a clear one tonight so who can recommend a target for me to look at that I might have forgotten...

So far I have:




Uranus + any moons?

Neptune + any moons?


M6 butterfly cluster

M31 andromeda galaxy + M32, M110 Orbiting galaxies

M13 + m92 clusters in hercules

M33 Triangulum galaxy

M51 Whirlpool galaxy

M57 the ring nebula

M27 Dumbell nebula

M8 Lagoon nebula

M20 Triffid Nebula

M17 Swan Nebula

M16 Eagle nebula

M1 Crab nebula

M11 Wild duck cluster

M63 Sunflower galaxy

M64 Black Eye galaxy

M76 little dumbell nebula

North America Nebula

M29 + M39 clusters in cygnus

M81 bodes galaxy

M82 cigar galaxy

M92 cluster

M97 owl nebula

M101 pinwheel galaxy

M108 spiral galaxy


Double cluster in Perseus

Pleiades + head of taurus

The milky way (if there is no light pollution!)


Mizar double

Alberio double

Epsilon Lyrae double double in lyra

the coathanger astigmatism inbetween deneb and altair

If I have got any wrong, please tell me :)


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While you are around the M57 and M27 area, you may as well checkout the beautifully small globular cluster M56 (not far from M57) and also M71 (not far from M27).

Oh and if you have a UHC or OIII filter, don't forget the Veil.

Hope you have a great session :)

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The UHC filters have a broader bandwidth pass, which makes them a little less aggressive, especially for smaller aperture scopes. But the OIII will be fine for your 200P. In fact i used the Skywatcher OIII with a Celestron 102 to see the Veil from the backgarden. They really do work for the right object. I recommended this one to Graham this morning:

Castell OIII Deepsky Filter for 2-Inch Eyepieces [Castell-Doiii2] - £46.56 : 365Astronomy: Discovery for every day!

It was recommended to me by Shane and is the cheapest 2" OIII on the market i think. Works as well as the Skywatcher and Lumicon i previously owned but sold.

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I have a few others for you:

Stratus, Cirrus and my personal fave Cumulonimbus - the latter tends to be best seen at a very wide angle . . . :)

I've almost forgotten what the night sky looks like /sigh

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Thanks for all the help guys I have had a great session last night with some of the objects mentioned above.

Personal highlight was finding comet garrard, have never seen one in my scope before!

Clear skies

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I had a chance for the first time to see M8, M27 and M57 with an O-III, and all I have to say is... WOW! :)

Still can't get the view out of my mind!

Do the same ASAP

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