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Revelation 20x80 binoculars

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After using my 6" SCT approximate 3 times in the last year due to the pointlessness of any astronomy in the Black Country, I finally succumbed to getting a pair of big binoculars that could sit in my car along with a cheap photographic tripod.

Following much internet research, the best balance of cost vs positive reviews seemed to point to the Revelation 20x80 bins. Ideally I wanted the 20x100, but sensible finance prevailed!

Ordered from Harrison Telescopes, the bins arrived after two days of placing the order. Unpacking box upon box of protective layers, I finally got to the binoculars.

First impressions:

- big in comparison with my 10 x 50s !

- well made for the price paid

- surprisingly light for the size

The only minor issue was the central bar which takes the tripod mount was loose, but after 2 minutes I discovered three small screws hidden behind a cover that needed tightening.

First light:

Well as expected, cloud ruled the day. However between the clouds I managed some decent views across the summer triangle region.

Star resolution was as good if not better than my old Celestron 102mm refractor but with less contast and colour.

Focus easy enough to set up but did slip and need re-adjusting from time to time.

Open clusters across the MW were a joy to behold, I'd guess that sharp stars were visible across 70-75% of the field, similar to my more expensive Pentax 10 x 50s.

Overall looking forward to getting them in the car and taking them to a nice dark site for a few hours of sky scanning. Very impressed considering the price - providing they stay reliable I can see them becoming my weapon of choice!

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Can't beat a set of bins for getting you out under the stars no matter what mood your in. Always good for giving the skies a quick scan to see what the seeing is like. Can save on 20-30 minutes setting up just to look at mush.

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