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I saw the crescent, and you saw the whole of the moon...

Captain Tweaky

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I always like this particular illumination.

- probably because I'll never forget my amazement the first time I saw Rupes Recta and assumed a cat-hair had got into the eyepiece. When I realised it was real, I assumed some massive NASA excavation that I'd not heard of in the news.

It was probably the experience that got me into regular lunar observing - something I'd previously dismissed as pointless...

A really lovely image there.

Most excellent work.

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Very nice Captain.

First one is a bit bright for me but the second one is a blinder.


Is it just me or is that comment really funny in a way it wasn't meant to be? :headbang::eek:

Thanks for jumping in to save the day this week Hugh, and at such short notice too! I really liked Francks Jupiter and the winner, very nice to see a POW that didn't cost an arm and a leg :):icon_salut::)


(PS, I'll try and do the banner later if I get a chance, unless one of the other mods gets there first (hint hint!!!))

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