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Cumbria 3 .....

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Communal area sounds good - lots of room for the two things closest to my heart (food and beer - not necessarily in that order). That is, closest to my heart after Nina and Val - for organising CSP3 (amn't i a right crawler - amazing how much boldness one gets from a couple of glasses of wine, hic!).


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Communal area it is then - Thankyou.

Hope we are all looking forward. Only 3 more sleeps. I feel as if I am going on holiday.

Can't wait

See you all soon.

Same here. I've got the batteries on top up overnight and have printed out my little list of 'things not to forget' so I'm as ready as can be. :rolleyes:

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Sorry i will not be there this time due to all the cash i have spent on my camper this month, i will have to have a no spend bank hol :rolleyes:

But I will be up past your way for the Galloway SP - will you be going over there?

Cheers Steve

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What a differnce a few hours can make to a weather forecast :rolleyes: Both the BBC and Metcheck were forecasting much much worse at 6am. So let's hope the foreast a few moments ago ( clear skies Saturday night) is the one that persists.


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Hello everyone, i just discovered this thread, i was wondering where the meeting place is, if is open to newcomers and if maybe there is still the possibility to join you :rolleyes: i'm not sure yet if me and my husband can come, it would be only saturday night though... any hope?

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Ayaka, I'm not sure of final numbers, but I believe there were a couple of slots still open.

Send delilahtwinkle a pm, she'll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you can make it, its a laugh when its cloudy and an education regardless of the weather.


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Speaking of the weather - I have just tried Metcheck, Netweather and the Met Office websites. All give different forecasts, but seem to suggest reasonable conditions on Saturday night, and no concensus for Sunday.

My fingers and toes are crossed (which may cause a problem in the Gym later today).

See you all there.


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***** News Flash *****

Mike (Demon Barber), Rob and The Obsession are here, all unpacked and ready to view. They have asked that I let everyone know we all need to bring Midgey Repellent.

I am off to asda to see if I can get anything citronella wise.

See you all tomorrow!! Can't wait

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Hi Nina,

One more sleep!! :)

Me and James should be there early afternoon, see you all soon. ;)

As for the weather I usually check 2 or 3 sites and then pick the best one, it's amazing how many times that works!! :rolleyes::p


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