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23 July 2011 - Doubles with SW MakCass Pro

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Hi there - I had my first session out for a while last night. I was able to look at some great doubles as the sky conditions seemed very good.

I was using a SW MakCass Pro 150, with a variety of eyepieces, right down to a 4mm Celestron Plossl. The scope has a fl of 1800mm, so with the 4mm ep, the magnification is 450x.

The highlight of the evening was the 'Double Double' - Epsilon Lyrae. I have never seen this quad. combination so beautifully resolved as last night. With a 6mm Plossl (300x) the image of each pair was absolutely clear, and very stable in the eyepiece. Lovely disc-like stars, well split against a black sky.

With the 4mm Plossl, with extremely high magnification, the image had broken down somewhat, and was a bit lively, but still very observable.

What an incredible sight.

Other good views were Albireo, as ever worth a look, and 95 Herc, which was very clearly defined as well. Mizar and Alcor were a great sight in a 9mm and 26mm Meade Plossl.

Thanks for reading.

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Never a summer goes by without me visiting Epsilon Lyrae and Albireo at least once! They are both really very beautiful on a steady night. 95 Herc is a great choice too.

I like how you described your high mag image of the Double Double as 'a bit lively' - classic :)

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