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Dear SGL,

Will I be able to get my Canon 1000D to work with a Williams Optics Zenithstar 66? I am worried about achieving focus. Does anyone do this?

Also, I'm terrible at optics...I believe this particular scope needs some sort of flattener. Can this be introduced to the setup?

Thank you :BangHead:

(Inclusive of a 2" Star Diagonal).

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Which ZS 66 do you have? the SD or ED Petzval?

I have the 66 Petzval, & have only tried it once in daylight connected to my Canon. It was ok, but my Canon 70-200L f2.8 IS mk2 with 2x converter was superior image quality, so I've been imaging with that - the WO ZS 66ED was bought primarily as a visual grab n go tool for use while my imaging kit was taking the hour+ of exposure

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Thank you for the offer of trying it out LDUNN1 :BangHead:

If anyone has any further input, it would be most welcome.

When something cannot come to focus, does that mean you have to increase the path length, or decrease it? I heard people having problems focusing DSLRs with this scope, but I assume this is because they weren't using a star diagonal, which increases the path length. Is this correct?

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Increasing the light path is not such an issue, it is when you can't shorten the light path enough where I have had trouble when playing around with kit. I have read reviews of the petzval 66 where people have struggled with in travel focus, and I have run into the same issue with some combos I've tried. You may find you have to remove the diagonal (which you probably don't want in the light path anyway), and you might have to get low profile/ short adapters to help ease the in travel issue, but if you just want to connect the scope to a dslr you should be fine. If out travel is an issue, it is easy to add extension tubes &/or put a diagonal in the light path.

Be aware that the focal lengths of the various wo66's are quote modest (350-400mm) so don't expect much from planet shots!

Play to you strengths pick large subjects and avoid subjects bright only in ha -I assume you dslr is not nodded so it's stand ir filter will significantly reduce the sensitivity to ha light.

....I've only been imaging since about march, and it has taken me some time to realise that I have not been playing to my equipments strengths in my choice of subject....learn from my mistakes!

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Thank you for all your replies. I will be purchasing a Celestron SCT T-Adapter so I can start imaging.

I've managed to get hold of this scope thanks to adam88 in the for sale section, and I am very excited. I intend to get hold of a WO flattener when one comes along at a reasonable price.

At the moment, I believe the scope is without tube rings. How will I go about mounting this to my HEQ5? 75mm are hard to come by, and I've heard something about a L bracket. Can someone who has/had one point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

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Hi Quantumpanda

My WO66 came with an L bracket which allows it to fit standard vixen style mounts. I would expect yours would have this, worth checking. Much neater than having to sort tube rings etc


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