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Imaging? Well it's somewhere in that catagory!

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I recommend watching it with the 720p setting to get some sense of detail.

I've put this here as I count it as Lunar, it could also fit in to wide-field and it is created from a series of still photos.

This is my second attempt at a time-lapse photography session. Well got to do something with all these clouds about.

The exposure time was 20s, with the interval meter set to 30s. All images are ISO 200 @ f/9. Total number of frames in the sequence equals 672. Image's where captured between 22:28 and 04:23.

I was shooting in RAW, and filled just over one memory card, adjustments where made to the sequence, exposure was increased, black levels decreased and a strong point contrast applied.

Sequence was then loaded in to VirtualDub-Mod and encoded. I am thinking about adding an audio track to it.

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Thanks to all, I'm still debating what audio track to add to this, oddly enough the intro from "Babylon Zoo - Space Man" fits nicely, but doesn't really wrap up well enough to fit.

Any musical suggestions would be appreciated!

Scanning through the images used to make this video I was able to track some stars, I've attached an image that labels them, based on comparing Stellarium and angles.

This should be fairly accurate, as I shot my Stellarium landscape using the same fisheye, from the same location.

Also I enjoyed watching Jupiter rise from the left hand side of the frame later in the sequence.


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