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300p flextube - ebay £599 bin

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The tarnishing of the finder concerns me. If the metal has oxidised, what state could the mirrors be in?

Still, could be a bargain for someone local.

Don't all synta finders do this - the Startravel 150 I just sold was starting to get this and it was kept indoors. I've seen it on several other synta scopes for sale as well. It only ever seems to be the end section of the finder that has this :BangHead:

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Asking price is a bit more than I paid for the same scope (£576 in Jan 09 from FLO). That's inflation, I suppose. I also have the same sort of laser collimator being offered, think I paid about £30. Useful for the secondary but I never use it on the primary: for that I use a Cheshire which is far more reliable. My flextube came with 2 plossls that are somewhere in my spares box, seller's offering a third as well.

Certainly a great scope, I love mine. Haven't seen any tarnishing on my finder, the gold effect on the sale item looks pretty weird. The primary coatings should be fine as long as the seller hasn't decided to do a bit of over-enthusiastic cleaning. I do note that the item is "hardly used", a sadly common fate when people buy a scope that's too big for them.

Edit: I always use my finder with a dewshield (bit of cardboard rolled round the end and held on with elastic). Maybe that's why my finder's hood hasn't tarnished. The knobs for extending the tube (on lower part of scope) are also tarnished on the seller's item, completely untarnished on mine. Again, maybe it's because I use an Astrozap shroud, which covers that part.

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Great scope im sure, but personaly i think this is over priced..thats still over 2 thirds of the new price for an item thats 18 months old.

Newtionain telescopes do seem to hold thier value well, but i certainly wouldent pay over 2 thirds the new price for something thats 18 months old with no warrenty or dealer backup.

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A sensible price. Has exactly the same sort of tarnishing as the eBay item despite having been used "only very occasionally". It's also on the focuser, which remains untarnished on mine despite mine always being uncovered in use, though I do keep the whole scope wrapped in my garage when not in use.

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