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Hello everyone I am Pat from Hull, when I was a kid my dad would take us all out into the back garden and view the stars through Bino's and a scope. My wife bought me a Skywatcher 150p which I am thrilled with and combined with my Canon 450d I hope to get some lovely photo's of Planets DSO's . I have always had an interest in our skies, sadly the skies over Hull on the East coast of UK have been overcast and rainy, so not much chance of seeing anything. I have taken a few shots of the Moon the other night

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Sorry I didn't mean to hit the send button I was trying to upload 2 pic's of the only object I have been able to view and photograph the 'Moon', hopefully I have uploaded them now and thank you all for the nice welcome to your world. I look forward to picking peoples brains for their knowledge and experience. The smalle image of the Moon was taken with my Skywatcher 150p and my Canon 450d, I played about with the levels in Photoshop nothing more as I do not properly know how to use Photoshop, the 2nd image was taken with the Skywatcher my Canon and the Barlow x2, It is not in correct focus though as I was viewing it through my live view on my pc.

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