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film of lunar surface amazing views!

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Hi all,

I hope some of you enjoyed a good weather weekend - just had so much rain and thunder here I had to put the lights on at 5pml

Just found this amazing footage in my email and I wanted to share it with you

this film was uploaded by SpaceRip..

Having watched it I will never take the Moon for granted again!


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great video thankyou for shairing with us just wish i could see the sight were they landed .

Me too.

I would also like the begining to show a complete 360 of the whole moon. We don't see all of the Dark Side, and I think it's fascinating.

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Mind blowing, the moon has so much to offer, but we will have to be content with footage like this for many years yet, superb as this movie is, man needs to be there.


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Thanks everyone for looking.. I am just surprised I have never seen anything like this before. I also wish they would produce a longer more detailed film. To be honest when i first saw it, i was totally spellbound..

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Quite sad that many astronomers regard it as an inconvenience and curse it.

It may apparently be a dead lump of rock, but there's so much we still don't know.

Do they really? Goodness I think it's a brilliant think to have in the night skies. It's our companion..I want to learn as much as I can about it. Didnt Patrick Moore study it for a good while?

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