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Hi Rob, welcome to SGL.

Although I've been interested in astronomy since childhood in the 70s, I started buying magazines in the 90s. These were Astronomy Now (UK), Astronomy (US), and Sky and Telescope (US). I tended to prefer Astronomy Now as it was UK biased and its shorter publishing schedule meant it was more up-to-date. (Currently subscribe to the excellent Sky at Night Magazine, UK based).

Back in the 90's, and actually any era, anyone interested in astronomy would probably have at least one book by, or edited by, Patrick Moore - I had Philips 'Atlas of the Universe' bought for me as a birthday present in 1995. Watching the Sky at Night on TV at 11 or 12 pm was also de rigour.

As for equipment, I only had binoculars, but I managed to look through a friend's father's 8" Newtonian. I was astonished at the Moon and, as anyone will tell you, you never forget the first time you see Saturn's rings. THE coveted instrument of that era was the Meade or Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (the model numbers varied). I'm still waiting for mine! I can only guess the average amateur of that time would typically have had a 4" Newtonian Reflector (focusses with mirrors, cheaper) or 2-3" Refractor (lenses, more expensive for size) and keener types would have had an 8" Newtonian or a 10" Dobsonian. I'm sure google search will give you the right manufacturers, a quick look has turned up this one: Early 90's

Good luck with your writing, hope that was of some help.

Regards, Greg

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Hello Everyone again, and thanks for all your welcomes.

And Greg, thank you for taking the time with that reply. That more than gives me a sense of direction, it opens up a world of avenues to look into, so thanks for that. I hope you are still enjoying your star gazing as much today.

What a great forum!

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My early 90's stargazing kit was a TASCO GALAXSEE (four inch newtonian reflector if i remember correctly - silver tube) and a rather tatty (then!) 1979 first edition copy of 'The Macmillan Dictionary of Astronomy' - i couldn't afford subs to any magazines - ah those where the days...

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