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What guidescope rings for my 9x50 finderscope?

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I have recently started to use guidescope rings on my 9x50 finderscope as I have been unable to align the FS with the scope using the supplied bracket. Anyway, my rings are probably not the best in the world, so I thought I'd replace them.

They have plastic screws, which seem to allow the FS to move rather too freely! So, what size guiderings do I need? How is the measurement taken? Gap between the front and back rings or circumference of the rings?

How do I know what size rings to get?

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I went for the cheap option, and used some 100mm rings, drilled my own holes, and mounted it on a 33cm skywatcher bar, so it piggy backs on the existing bar holding 8inch rings.....bigger rings would obviously give more room to play, but I haven't had any issues yet.

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i think the issue is that few of us bother with "real' rings for the finder....

For a guide scope, say a ST80, that's different, a pair of standard SW rings work OK - I think they are 90mm.

If you really want to be able to move the guide scope around (why?) then a pair of 100mm GUIDE rings (100mm inside diameter) would work.


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Thanks for that info folks - I want to move the guidescope around as I ensure that the finderscope is aligned with my scope for alignment purposes.

It seemed to help, as when I did it yesterday night. my alignment was heaps better than before - Getting stuff bang in the centre of the camera.

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