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First Jupiter in scope


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Last night I woke at 3 am (I have a stomach flue, hence the waking up :D ) but anyway, I've decided to be safe and stay out of bed a while (....) and I thought :

Why not look outside and take the bins, I saw Jupiter very prominently at the sky so eventually I took the scope out.

I have seen it a few weeks ago through my bins but that first look at it through my scope was fantastic.

I've used my zoom-EP and then I replaced it with the BST 5 mm....

What a great views I had! So now that's planet 2 already in the scope :p

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hi i was up late 03:30 in june i was shooting the moon when i notice that little freind of mine pop up from behind the tree i had the 12 reflector out that is on a dob base the goto frac was a sleep in the house hers the video i shot with a spc900 webcam thats ben flashed with wrcmac to high spec factory settings better color and brightness

cheers pat

clear skies always

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