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2011/12 Season Resolution?


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Every year I say to myself that I must make more of an effort when it comes to recording my observations and imaging details.

So, with that in mind, I have been updating my Deep Sky Planner software in preparation for the new season, making some templates for logging data, etc.

Hopefully I will become a better observer/imager because of it....

So, anyone else have a "resolution" for the new season?

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I want to be a little more tolerant of neighbours' light pollution and just enjoy the few opportunities of darker nights when they come up. Last season I got totally wound up with light pollution, which made me almost go off the hobby! There's absolutely nothing I can do to solve the problem bar relocating, so I have to live with it.

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I'm hoping to be more structured in my approach to both observing and imaging. I need a project, so am considering the 'lists'. The Lunar 100 is certainly on the agenda and then perhaps Caldwell. For imaging I've got to take the advice of Jim Lawless and 'do the basics brilliantly' - hopefully I'll then get some images I'm happy to post on here.


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1. Buy a DSLR

2. Curse when I realise I need to invest in an ED80 and an HEQ5

3. Throw myself on the generosity of the wife with I tell her £1000 is a bargain

4. Convert shed into obs with sleeping quarters after wife finds aforementioned £1000 missing from bank account

5. Suffer the pain of failing to align properly for the 1st 5 months

Ok so not really resolutions ... but you get the idea :)

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