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1000D with filter removed

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Anyone have a 1000D body with a full spectrum mod - i.e. where the filter has DEFINATELY been removed?

I have one, I bought as a "full spectrum mod" but on the spectroscope it is still showing a dramatic cut-off at 410nm.

I don't know if this is due to the remaining "dust" filter or that the camera I have has had the filter replaced with a UV-IR filter.

The only way of verifying either/ or is to test a camera which 100% definately doesn't have a filter.

I'll like to borrow a modded 1000D to test with the spectroscope.

I'll pay all costs. Or swap my body for a similar without a filter.

Can anyone help????

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I previously had a 300D with the filter removed and it gave great results from 370nm well up into the NIR.

This one definately cuts off. (The Ha response is great but I need the extremes)

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OK, Mystery is now solved!!

There are two filters in the newer Canon's an Anti Alias filter (dust shaker) - Filter #1 and then the colour correcting - Filter #2

The attached graphs show the bandwidth of each. If Filter #2 is removed ( the usual "full spectrum mod") it still leaves Filter #1 which is a very good UV-IR blocker. Hence my problem!

(This means if you get your Canon modded - you definately don't need an added UV-IR filter!)


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