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In the heart of the Heart with hubble colors, Melotte 15


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Hi all

Here's some more data-recycling, since my nights are too bright for 2 more months until I can start shoot new data...

I've used the S2, Ha & O3 from my NB photo of IC 1805 the Heart nebula. This time I cropped out a small 25% from the center of the image, the Melotte 15 cluster...

I really enjoy the size of the kaf-8300 sensor & the small pixels, it's like having four 314L sensors in one camera (I think...?) !

A pretty quick process, sd-mask stack using darks, no flats, creating a rgb in maxim, using Ha as lum in photoshop, giving the color-layer a slight blur using median-filter, & finishing off with a high-pass filter... also tried adding some artificial diffraction-spikes to spice things up. No star-reduction/sharpening/noise-reduction, tried keeping it natural. I might give it some more attention later, working on the noise & starcolors.

S2 6*20min

Ha 7*20min

O3 5*20min

QSI 583wsg, Tak106, EQ6


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Fabulous image.. full of interest and spectacular colour .:)

Wow so few subs too, I know what you mean about been able to crop into 314 territory, I bought my 383 to Bin and isolate local interest in a big target.. well that's the plan ;)

I look forward to seeing more from your QSI 583wsg.


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;) In the words of my other half.. "That's Beautiful"... A big compliment coming from her I can tell you.. she even wanted to know about the camera and scope you used! Now that IS a first!!

Well done sir.. :)

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Very nice, well worth the effort. It looks very sharp for a 106, maybe down to those little pixels?


Helluva lens, the 106, Dennis!

I do like the subtle detail in this and your delicate use of the Hubble Palette. Watch the noise in those dark blues!


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Blimey... I wouldn't have believed that something like this was feasible from a ground-based telescope... let alone an "amateur" one (even it is an FSQ with a QSI!). In my view this wouldn't be amiss as an APOD...

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