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Too many scopes ?

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I currently own three scopes, but my three year plan (I'm on year 2....)includes a fourth.

Orion 12" Dob: for visual, outreach, star parties, etc....

AT65 EDQ: great nature photo scope, grab n' go, and guide scope for my photo setup.

AT106: My main imaging scope for now......

8" RC: When I master the wide fields a bit more, for longer FL and deep targets.....

Beyond that, Mary will tar, feather, draw and quarter me if I get any more before she gets her new kitchen.....it's all about diplomacy and negotiating skills.....


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I don't see how anyone can live with less than 5.....

Imaging Scope


Grab and Go scope

Big Dob

Solar Ha Scope

Living with less simply can't be done..

I can (could!).

- ED120 (covers imaging scope, guidescope (off-axis) and solar scope.)

- big dob: 12" f/6 David Lukehurst dob

- grab and go: William Optics ZS66.

The fact that I have a 127mm mak is irrelevant... :D


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Got 3 atm,poss too many,as i only started the hobby less than a year ago,but they all get used

10 inch f4.5 dob

120 f8 helios frac on eq3

127mak slt goto

Happy with them for now - well with the 'scopes anyway,mounts not so much - I may well stick the mak on the eq3 and get an eq5 for the frac

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