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Can someone tell me how to set up two separate ATik cameras (ATiK16ic and ATik16ic-S) under AA5 - one for guiding one for imaging?

The camera control interface doesn't see them as different?? (I think)

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I had the same problem using 2 QHY9's - 1 mono and 1 OSC in Nebulosity 2. They both use the same USB driver so had to resort to 2 laptops...both were used for image capture.

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That's not really a viable alternative to me....I have "some" remote control via Team Viewer" on the observatory Laptop and really need both camera to work together under AA5.........

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When all the cameras are connected - 2 x ATik16ic, 1 x QHY5, 1 x ATiK16ic-S I'm still not sure the program (or the second copy) will know which camera to look at?

(There's enough on the screen at the moment with 2 x PHD, Al's reticule, AA5, CdC, AstroPlanner and TeamViewer!)

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Boy, am I really p%^$#*

I sold a great DSI II to get an ATik16ic to keep the guide cameras "in the family" I now find it's impossible to get two ATik16 to work at the same time with any software combination I have.

I've tried the double install of AA5 - on the second "unable to connect"

I went back to PHD and the same message!

I have to physically disconnect one camera and re-boot to make sure it is the other one that's being seen.

Very unhappy.

Should have gone to Specsavers.

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Annoying. I use two Atiks and one laptop but the two Atiks are different.

What happens if you plug in one camera USB, open an instance of AA and connect the plug in, then connect the second USB, open a second instance of AA and try to open the second camera plug in? No good?

Try contacting Atik. Their software guy is very good.


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No, that doesn't work either!!

I think however I've found the solution!

You need to fiddle fart with the windows/ inf files.....

I'll document what I've done to successfully get an Atik16ic and an Atik16ic-S to co-exist under AstroArt.

Success is a long time coming - but never say never.....

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SpecSavers, LOL.

Didn't read your fix, but I have been able to run two SX cameras, well three actually, under Images Plus, using ASCOM. Is that an option, even though you have it beat (by the sound of it)?


EDIT. Just read your method, too complicated for this Kiwi. Good on ya mate, glad it works though.

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  • 3 weeks later...
With some help from Marco - finally cracked the problem of using two Atik16 cameras AT THE SAME TIME under AstroArt.

It also allows you to use the separate cameras under PHD etc.

The attached write-up explains the process.

Hi Ken,

That's a great writetup - I am struggling with the same problem when trying to use my Atik 314L+ and Atik 11000 at the same time. Now I will go through your instructions and solve it hopefully !



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