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Excellent transparency last night!

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So it was a bit hazy here on the southcoast yesterday so didn't think it would be worth setting up the scope but after watching family guy I looked outside and the sky was very clear and black!

Once I set up after 20 mins I could cleary make out the milky way from cassiopia right down into saggitarius! I could also see the scutum star cloud clearly which I've never noticed from my back garden and it was an amazing area to scan around!

Bagged m11 and 26 but also saw a globular I'd never noticed before, it was small but had a bright core. No resolution was possible but at 130x there was a granularity. I later confirmed this was mag 8.2 ngc-6712 and will be an object I'll visit more often now!

I also observed the globulars m 71 and 56 which I always love as the starfields they lie in are so rich! M71 in particular showed about 25 members and I even got a couple out of 56!

I then moved up to 27 which with a lumicon UHC showed the typical apple core shape with more diffuse nebulosity at the edges.

I decided to finish with the veil nebula which due to the excellent transparency showed excellent detail! Very wispy and I could make out the filaments in the upper part of eastern veil. I also thought I could see some of ic 1318, some of the emission nebulosity around gamma cygni but it was very faint!

In all it was a very enjoyable night and living right near the beach I can get some very good nights! I would estimate limiting magnitude to be +5 based on known star values I could make out and the instrument used was an Orion optics 150 f5 1/8 wave and is quickly becoming one of my favourite scopes I've ever owned!



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