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As I've mentioned before the Argos 8' x 6' Tin Shed observatory (TSO) I had in Cobham was so successful, I brought it with me to Belgium.

It took three weeks to "negotiate" where to place it - and one day to re-assemble!!

Being rented property the usual problems of fixing it applied.

I found some excellent clip lock HD foam flooring "tiles" which jsut finished it off.

The viewing is actually better than it appears. The roof runs off to the north, and the big tree due south masks the nearby shrub.

The roof is locked with a couple of turnbuckles.

We had the mother of storms a couple of weeks ago - no leaks.

For a couple of hundred quid I'm very happy. Installed a computer link back to the office using TeamViewer.






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Yes, the "fountain feature" and the wonderful garden was one of the few benefits of coming to Belgium.

I wanted to "dump" the observatory in the middle of the back lawn to maximise sky cover....I got out voted!!

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