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M16 Hubbled


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I guess many of us have been inspired by the Hubble team's "Pillars of Creation" image. It's not surprising they were drawn to M16, the closer you get in the more dramatic it becomes. It's a shame it's such a pig for us to image in the UK. I am fortunate that my obsy has a good view to the south but even so I was scraping along the horizon, often through murky, awful seeing, a light summer sky and dawn.

I went for 30 minute subs which was a bit of a mistake because I probably had to dump 50% because of the above plus the odd passing cloud and the dome not rotating at the right speed. Despite this it has been a fun project over the past 6 weeks.

Scope: 10" LX200R @ F7 (about 1700mm f/l)

Camera: QSI 532 ws with SX active optics

Ha 10x1800 secs SII and OIII both 9x1800 secs

SII - red, Ha - green and OIII blue

Captured, calibrated and combined with Maxim, deconvolved using CCDSharp and finished in PS. I also used the Ha data as a luminence channel. There appeared to be nothing in the other channels that wasn't showing in Ha. I've also posted the Ha mono



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First rate image Martin....as good as they come. When the Hubble pallette is done like this, I really like it. Well worth the work involved.

Wish I could get this, but it's below next door's garage for me!!



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Thanks very much everyone.

The image has the appearance of quite a lot of background brightness but it goes right over to the left of the histogram. On my obsy laptop it looks horribly bleached out. I've found I can cut into the histogram without loosing any dim detail which seems a bit odd. If people are seeing an overbright image lacking in contrast let me know and I'll chop into that histogram!

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Hubble has competition me thinks..

I'd say that Martin has a bit of competition from the Hubble TBH, but it's got a way to go yet :)

The image looks perfect Martin...contrast is spot on.


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