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Best value for money for a 10mm eyepiece??

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Hi guys,

I'm considering buying a nice 10mm eyepiece to use with the NS8 and my Megrez 90. I've got a lovely 16mm WO UWAN and the 3-6 TV zoom (for the odd occasion when seeing is that good!) and in between a Meade 4000 series 9.7mm super plossl. I am thinking of upping the quality of the mid range. What do you think would be the best value 10mm (with a budget up to say £75)?

Thanks as usual


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I have a Tele Vue 11mm Plossl which is a lovely eyepiece - just a normal 50 degree field of view but very sharp. It worked well with my Megrez 90 and now with my ED80. I think I paid £45 for that one used. New I think they are around £70.

I have also owned in the past an Orion Ultrascopic 10mm (which is the same design as the Celestron Ultima ) and that was also very sharp. These can be picked up for around £30 used I think.

Just a couple of suggestions to think about - I'm sure the other folks will soon shower you with lots more :)


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hi helen

this is a good question. 10mm is a bit of a challenge because to upgrade from the 4000 doesn't give loads of options. i agree with john that the televue 11mm plossl is a step up,very sharp, having used both the televue and the 9.7 4000.Only other 10mm is the vixen lanthanum,around £50 used. if you could maybe look at 9mm as another option the Burgess/TMB 9mm planetary is nice with long eye relief at around £70. also the Baader 9mm ortho is super sharp for lunar/planetary views but shortish eye relief.

anything else involves a big step up in price ie Radians, Naglers, Pentax etc



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Thanks for the advice guys. I've just noticed that Russ is selling a 10mm Vixen lanthanum for £45 delivered. I assume this would be a good buy...



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If you not after a wide field i would recommend a ultrascopic-ultima-eudiascopic. That is really a very good eyepiece, tack sharp and very good contrast. It's one of my eyepieces i really wouldn't miss.

An LV is a sharp eyepiece but IMO lacks some transmission. I intend to sell mine (15 mm ) and replace it with a 13 mm nagler, some day....

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