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Meteor found??


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In my country they have decided that meteorites are of special scientific value and therefore property of the state. If you find one you get some sort of bounty but it's illegal to keep it.

I have often considered shipping them all of the rocks from my garden. Then they can decide for themselves whether some of them are of scientific value...

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Now I want one :)

after reading this thread i felt exactly the same....i've got a piece of campo del ciel in the post on it's way to me that I got on ebay yesterday!! ;):(

...what is it about this pastime, there's always something else to buy

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after reading this thread i felt exactly the same....i've got a piece of campo del ciel in the post on it's way to me that I got on ebay yesterday!! :);)...

Campo was my 1st specimen too :(

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Does this become addictive too? How about a piece of the moon, a piece of mars.....

Would love to find one in my garden.

Yes, and expensive as you get a hankering for the more unusual and rare specimens - rather like collecting other things I guess.

As the chances of finding a meteorite are very small indeed (the UK climate is very unkind to meteorites that fall here ;)) using acknowledged dealers is the only way to build up a collection.

I've had collections in the past that included Lunar and Martian specimens and also those that are believed to come from Vesta. After a while though I decided that I'd rather invest the money in astro equipment so sold my collections.

If you are ever at an Astro fair, lookout for a guy named David Bryant. He runs a meteorite dealership called "Space Rocks" and is a very entertaining chap to talk to :)

He has a website too as Google will show you.

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i found some thing with the metal detector last year that looks the same as this a bit bigger i had a magnet that stuck to it ,it turnrd out to be a 80 year old piece of clinker out of a steam engine (out the bottom of the fire plate hot coal that goes hard ) hope yours is one


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Sorry for the dealy in posting but had a really good time at the Uni thanks to Geoff. He had a look at the samle and the result is.......................

Slag Iron

Not a total surprise to be honest but nice to know and under the microscope it looks amazing!!!!!!! However Geoff did show me the samples of meteorites the university has (some look so un-intersting and like reguslar rocks) and also showed me some of the VERY nice kit they have in the labs.

So sorry all it's not a meteorite, however he does want to send pics of it off to the Natural History Museam to get a second oppinion, as in his words.. It's a very good and convincing looking meteorite thats not a meteorite.

When he examined the rock under the misroscope the tell tale signs of a meteorite were not there, things like bubbles in the permacrust were not there.

It's been an exciting time from finding the rock to finding the results, I have kept it as it's something to look back on.

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I'm sorry that it was not a meteorite as well. Sounds like the visit was interesting though and this thread as raised awareness of the topic and provoked some interesting discussion so thanks for posting and keeping us informed :)

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Hi Steve,

I'm sorry I wasn't able to confirm it was a meteorite but I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the dept and it was a pleasure to show you around. Before you went I meant to give you a small piece of a real meteorite (a chondrite from Poland), which you can pass on to your new baby when they grow up if you like. If you want to drop me an email to arrange to pop in again I'll sort something out for you.

Just to reiterate, Steve was right in that it was one of the more convincing 'meteorites' that have been brought to us for identification. For clarification what Steve was trying to say when he mentioned 'bubbles in the permacrust' is that there were vesicles (these are the voids formed by gas bubbles) in the body of the sample and you never find this in meteorites. Sure you can get small vesicles in the fusion crust but not the main body of the meteorite itself. As I said to Steve I'm quite happy to send a picture for a colleague at the NHM for a further opinion.

Sorry to have disappointed everyone but it was very close.


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A fascinating read.

I've always wanted to collect meteorites, but I already have an expensive hobby!

You could always just have the one but have it made into something a bit unique. Here are mine and the other half's piece of Campo del Cielo

The meteorites themselves cost only around a tenner each.




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Thank you, very much, for this thread. It was a far better mystery than any I've seen on TV in quite some time.

Really sorry to learn that what you found was not extraterrestrial in origin; however visiting Geoff must have been a great treat.

I'd like to clarify something from the original post. You mentioned the behavior of magnets on the piece. If I recall, you said that it reacted somewhat to a magnet applied. If that is correct, then the clue was that there was ferrous metal within. (Do magnets attract non-ferrous metal? I don't know - will have to search). The clarification I'd like is whether meteorites are attracted by magnets or whether they themselves act as magnets, or both.

Great thread!! Here's a link I found in searching for my answer: some meteortes are magnetic, some are not

. . . and another: HowStuffWorks "Lodestones and Making Magnets"

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Sorry its not a meteorite it would have been a great find if it had been and it kept a lot of us on the edge of our seats waiting to find out and made for a very interesting thread better luck next time

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