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Reticle eyepiece for drift alignment ?

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Ok, I've finally given in... my polar scope is a pain to use, and my lazy method of polar alignment just doesn't cut it for astro-photography over 30 secs.

Drift aligment is the only answer :roll:. Can anyone recommend a reticle eyepeice for the job ? I'm using a refractor with 1000mm focal length. Would 12mm be ok or is 9mm a better option ?



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Nice one CC, will try that. I have the 'free temporary registration code' version of K3CCD Tools.

I only hope I can keep a star in view better than when I image saturn. Thinking about it, I was using a 3x barlow last time :)


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I did it! :cheers: I took CC's advice... why fork out £70+ on an illuminated reticle EP when you already have a trusty toucam pro II. Aligning the on-screen crosshairs with the two axis is actually easier with a webcam cus you simply rotate the webcam in the eyepeice holder until the star follows it correctly in both axis.

I must admit, my first drift alignment session took a country mile longer than 5 minutes! I levelled/polar aligned my mount as best I could using my normal methods. Then hooked up the toucam to my laptop and took a deep breath... Choosing and getting a 60deg star at the meridian in the webcam view was surprisingly easy (I have always used the webcam in a barlow previously). I had to make 3-4 azm adjustments to move the star to the right and then re-drifts before the star didn't move up for more than 2 minutes. Once I was happy (a good 40 minutes gone) I swung over to the East and used a star near Arcturus. I found the up/down adjustment harder as my motor drive is very slow to react in this axis (for when I'm re-centering the star on to the crosshairs). It would have been quicker for me to adjust with the slow motion controls instead of the motor controller. :)

Anyways, it resulted in me snapping many pics of M35 and some longer exposures on M51! I did a couple 3 minute exposures just to see... very very slight star trail's. The best thing was finding/seeing M51 for only the 2nd time since I've had this scope (very very faint but clearly there. I was extactic).


ps Venus was awsome last night!!! :shock: :shock:

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