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E-bay bargain - grab it while you can

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This ebayer seller has only 52 red strikes against him, the good news is that a number of the items he has posted have not arrived.

How can eBay morally accept money whilst somebody could possibly be blinded by these products with poor advice.

eBay appears to be moving away from it's roots as an auction site and moving to a shopping site.

As with all shops, its Buyers be aware..............



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Oh yea, 60mm refractor, 600mm focal length, 300x magnification, that's going to work juuust great.. :)

The sad thing is someone's probably going to get suckered into buying it, and the thing costs nearly 100 quid; that someone could buy a very decent set of binos instead and get a proper introduction to astronomy. Instead all this thing will do is frustrate the unfortunate owner who didn't have the sense to do his homework before buying a telescope.. a shame.

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Yeah, I think Ebay is entering it's terminal phase. It used to be good, but it now costs a fortune to sell stuff on it and is smothered with dodgy overseas dealers. Pity. Still, just a few more posts and I can buy and sell through here! :)

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