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E-bay bargain - grab it while you can

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Another classic flea-bay item I wished to share. I just love the literal translation from Chinese to English in the description.

Astronomical Telescope 300X can connected the camera | eBay UK

With sunglasses you can see the sun and can connected the camera.

What exactly is concentricity tolerence, :hello2: as this scope has a very low one?

But they do offer some sensible warnings;


Please don't look at the sun absolutely. If you look at the sun, your eyes may be ache and blind sometimes. :D

Bargain at less that £100

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It says it's good for 'remote forensics' too. Whatever that is. The late, great, Peter Falk could use it with his good eye.

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lol, that is fab. You get Sunglasses to look at the sun with but the description then says "Don't put it in the sun. there is the possibility to cause fire by the action between lens and the sun. " I also liked the bit that said "The rubber contains the matter"

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the work of a mad genius

"weight: 180g (just the flashlight)"

...that's useful to know...erm there isnt even a flashlight included

And that calculation... 24,72,199,300....you what

Very very funny

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Notice how the box is just tossed into the weeds on the edge of one of the photos! These people just don't know how to sell anything.

On a different note it reminds me of someone who had a scope set up by a window for years then got rid of it because everytime it was clear the moon gave a double image. ( Double glazing perhaps?!)

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