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Imaging with Lumix G1 and Hyperion Zoom

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So, on Sunday night I finally managed to get out with some clear skies and had a bit of a globular-cluster-fest with my new Hyperion Zoom :-)

Towards the end of the session I decided to get a bit more ambitious and try to attach my DSLR to the T-adaptor on the zoom and take a photo of what I was seeing, M13, I think.

So, I attached the camera and basically didn't have enough light to focus on anything through live view, and with no moon around had to just leave the focusser where it was where I could see the object visually and set the camera recording.

After a six minute exposure (maximum bulb exp on this camera) I still had a black screen :-(

Is it just that I need a target to focus on or am I doing something more fundamentally wrong, like trying too faint an object for my kit?

I know that the Lumix/Panasonic G1 isn't commonly used for astrophotography, but I was hoping someone would be able to help here!



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Try to focus on a bright star first is my advice - any camera should show a 1 mag star in 1 sec or less. You should be resonably close to focus if you set the camera focus to infinity and focus the eyepiece by eye (assuming you have good eyesight).

Also, start with the low end of the eyepiece zoom and open the camera lens as wide as it will go. Set a high ISO.


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