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star blaze

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Hi all in SGL. Just joined and wanted to say hi. I am still researching scopes and have not been brave enough to buy one yet. I have some 20x80 binos and they are great. Cant wain to start using a scope!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My budget is aprox £250/£300. I would like a reflector scope that will enable me to see planets, nebula's, clusters and deep space objects. I would like a computerized scope with a go-to function and I may wont to get in to astrophotography later on so would like it to be comparable. I don't want much do i lol

Thank you in advance!!

Happy gazing SGL!!

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Hi Starblaze...& welcome to the forum

a Skywatcher Explorer-130P SynScan AZ GOTO is around the £299 mark...but, I'm not sure how it would be for astrophotography... or...EXPLORER-150P (EQ3-2) 150mm (6") the mount can then be upgraded to motorised for £80 as & when you have the money...or....or.. we've all been there there is an active observing group in the E.midlands...pop along...look through their 'scopes...& ask plenty of questions..

good luck...

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Your budget will buy you a reasonable amount of telescope but I think you may need to do this in stages. If you have thoughts of doing any deep sky astrophotography then you will have to rethink your budget but, hey, there's plenty of time. Although GoTo is a desirable feature, don't lose sight of the fact that you'll be spending a good portion of your hard earned cash on motors and electronics at the expense of the optics and it's the optics that reveal the night sky!

I'd consider a Dobsonian first like this one as it will show you a wide range of really great objects from the Moon and planets through to many deep sky objects and you could cut your teeth at astrophotography by taking images of the Moon with a simple webcam.

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Hi and welcome.

I will vote for the 150p then upgrade later. I have one and it is a great piece of kit. As for GOTO I thought about it but actually really enjoy 'finding' things manually. Just think of the objects you might miss by using a GOTO?

Anyway ask lots of questions and take your time. If you can have a look through someone else's kit (preferably at night!)

Good luck


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Hi Starblaze, following Steppenwolf's advice of getting a dobsonian, at a later date, you'll be able mount it on an equatorial ..er..um.. mount :hello2: if you wanted to.

just a thought.


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