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Nylon Thumb Screws?

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Wondering if anyone can help, I need to get some replacement 'Nylon' thumb screws for my OMNI XLT 120 as after purchasing a revelation astro 2" dialectric diagonal I don't want to scratch the barrel and cannot at present afford to replace my focuser with compression ring fittings.

However, I don't know where to get the set screws from or what size i need :0(

Any help greatly appreciated :0)

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If your not taking them off then you could use a length of nylon rod in the hole in the weight with the bolt behind it (need to shorten the bolt) or better still get them drilled and put a piece of nylon in the end...

Another alternative is to solder tip the bolts...

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This is the company I use for them..

Nylon Screws

I usually order a job lot of longer screws in various thread sizes as they are dead easy to cut to length...

Just checked I only have M4-M6 left.. they don't stock the M3 ones you can get them Amazon have them listed in the US.. but silly money with the P&P...

Could try blagging a sample from here...


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