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Sky Watcher 127 Synscan AZ GOTO

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Hello peeps,

I've just picked up my brand new telescope and have a few questions that perhaps you can help with as the manual is absolutely appalling. Its more of a generic manual and doesn't really relate to my specific telescope.

1. Is the telescope held on the AZ mount with nothing but that 'grub screw'?

2. How tight should the AZ mount be fixed to the tripod?

3. To align the finder scope, is it just a case of picking out an object in the main telescope then using the 2 grub screws to align the finder to the same image?

4. Is there such a thing as a better manual?

5. Whats the little blue filter for?

Cheers all


2. How tight should the AZ

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hi scott,

firstly the grub screw should be turned hand tight only as it may seem insecure but this is not the case.

the same goes for the tripod connection,hand tight only(just so the mount does not wobble)

your spot on with the finder,but dont know what the blue filter is for.

all the best.


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Hi, Scott

I suspect that the little blue filter is a MOON filter, though the one that came with mine is not blue. It fits into the bottom end of your eyepiece to cut some of the glare when observing the moon. Not exactly wondrous quality, but better than nothing ;)

You are sooooo right about the manual!

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Gents - I've got the Celestron version of this scope as I was told by the guy i bought it from that the manual was much better than the SW one that I was going to buy and they are exactly the same scope. If I can scan it in and post it on here I'll do that tonight.


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Just a note - the Skywatcher and Celestron scopes and mounts may be mechanically similar, however the software is slightly different comparing the two manuals.

In particular the Nexstar appears to have an EQ mode for use with a wedge which is missing from the Skywatcher.

Also the anti-backlash setting is different - arbitrary value for Nexstar, actual amount in degrees, minutes & seconds on the Skywatcher,

Clear skies


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Good Buy Scott, there is lot of advice and information on the SGL but don't rely on the AA batteries get a power pack Maplins, Aldi and others sell them. A good power scource transforms the scope.

Good luck!

Good advice. but I'd just get a 12V sealed lead-acid battery. Cheaper than a power pack and you can modify the cable that came with the external battery pouch to connect to the 12V battery.

Lasts longer, is rechargeable and you can also put it on the tripod spreader/eyepiece holder. The weight of the battery really improves the stability of the AZ mount:)

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The Celestron Manual is available from the Celestron website:-


Enjoy your new scope.


Thanks Dr D- you saved me a job!

I hadn't realised there was such a difference and I must admit that I was working from what I was told by Sherwoods who I bought it from.

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