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looking advice on a 200p dob

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Hi guys ive just joined this forum and had a good look around im sure il have a good time hear and the advice seems spot on!!! , now im looking for some of that great advice myself lol,....first about me, i have a skywatcher 130p supatrack have it about 7-8 months ,just have the stranded ep that came with it (10mm,25mm) and a 2x barlow (witch i dont like using at all) its a great scope an ive enjoyed great views of Saturn,Jupiter and the moon .Now the thing is im looking to get a new scope and was wondering about the skywatcher 200p DOD, ive red good things about it on hear ,but a few things id like to ask is, how much better will it be that my 130p? , is it hard to keep track of things with a dod?(bear in mind im using a motorized one at min ,it not goto tho) how much will a good tripod be if i deiced to upgrade to a beter mount after a wile? also i want to use it for photography will it be any good (i got some good shots of the moon with my 130p,but nothing of Saturn or Jupiter) also will a webcam be suitable for use on this without the need for a barlow lens unlike my 130p?,....an just one more thing its about my 130p ,would a 6mm ep be any good on it ? at the min i think im only viewing at about x65 with my 10mm ep just wondering if il get better views with a better ep?,,,,i know its a bit of a ramble iv worded hear but for anyone who reads an takes time to replay i wholeheartedly thank u for your time .....liam

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Hi Liam

First off Don't concern yourself worrying about tracking with a Dob.

If it was hard no-one would use em. It's a doddle.

I used to use driven equatorials, now I don't even own one.

I think the 8" skyliner has it's own fan club on here it's so popular.;)

An 8" scope is a big jump from your 130 (? whats that in real money 5 1/8"??).

Cannot help you with the photography questions as I'm visual only.

Regards Steve

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