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Advice on a couple of books please

Luke Inup

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I am worried about the size of the first one, (I believe it's huge) and about the claim that 'Backyard Astronomer's Guide' is aimed at the American Observers." Can anyone comment please?

Thanks in Anticipation.


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I get the impression that the first book is relatively big, but it has got me interested. I'd love a giant book which shows hubble images in all their glory. I may have to pick that up soon ;)

I have seen the second book reccommended to many people on this forum, so I'm unsure whether it's aimed a US audience. Have you considered Turn Left at Orion?

Clear Skies

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Yep, the first book is big and certainly doesn't fit in my bookcase. It sits on the coffee table and is great to just pick up and browse through. There are some really stunning pictures in there and despite the size I don't regret having bought this one bit.

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Thanks for that.

I have seen 'Turn Left at Orion.' It isn't so much that I want to find my way about the sky. (I am a returning absentee) but I don't have a modern guide in the house, and there are developments that I might find interesting since I was last an obsessive Astronomer. The American book seems to range quite wide in its treatment of the subject and I thought it might fit the bill for what I want.

At the same time I don't want anything too advanced. I am in enough trouble trying to re-learn Trigonometry!

Thank you again. JJ

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