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Hi all,

Thought it'd be nice to say a quick hello before spending the next few weeks trolling!

My wife recently proposed getting me a telescope for my birthday and its awoken a long held interest in the skies. Having worked in the past for a well known photographic retailer I know full well how atrocious cheap refractors can be, so I'm starting my research.

Birthday isn't until September so I have plenty of time to choose an appropriate model, and more importantly to start learning my way round the sky. I've got a set of binoculars already, but for some reason I've never thought of pointing them upwards!

Expect to hear more from me once I'm finished trawling through old posts!

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Hi and welcome. good luck with your new hobby. Bino's are pretty good for looking up, you can see quite a bit more than with the naked eye. I got my first scope from jessops not realising i was buying a bag of rubbish. Although i did see the moon and jupiter with it and it did inspire me to get something a lot better.

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Hi and welcome to sgl:hello2:, not long joined myself, lots of very helpfull people on here, im sure there'll be lots of recommendations for a good scope to fit your needs. I found it almost impossible to choose my first scope tbh, after much research and indecision I went for the evostar 120mm/f8/eq5 frac. I did also consider skymax 127 or explorer 150p/pl, im sure theres lots of people who can give you a rundown of the pros and cons of all the differant scopes.

Good luck with whatever you choose :)

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hi and a warm welcome from me ,binos are great not just for learning your way round but for great wide fiels views and theres lots to see with them hope you choose the right scope for you


ps point them binos skywards

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Hi Gradie

Welcome to the SGL.

Feel free to join the "Surrey Observers", community link/social groups, top of the page.

Come along to one of our observing sessions on Ranmore common Nr Dorking.

There is usually a selection of different scopes there you can have a look at/through.

Regards Steve

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Wow, such a nice welcome ;). I look forward to plaguing many of you with questions once I've done some initial research!

Steve - thanks for the pointer, I'll certainly join the community. It'll be a little while before I can think of coming along to Dorking due to injury, but I guess viewing conditions haven't exactly been ideal lately anyway!

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