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Hi my names mick ive just joined this site as im very interested in astronomy and have just purchased my first scope,havent a clue how to set it up but hey i can see a few tv ariels thru the scope finder :).hope i can glean a bit of good pointers from all you pro,s and maybe look at a few planets along the way.

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Hi Mick, welcome to the Lounge.

Congrats on your new scope, any questions just ask.

Don't forget Rother Valley optics is just down the road from you and they are very helpful.

Clear skies.

thanks for that,could you give me some pointers on what eyepieces i need and filters,at the minute i have the standard 10mm and 25 mm wide field plus the barlow x2 and a 2" eyepiece adaptor



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Hi there Mick, welcome to SGL :)

For the ins 'n' outs of choosing EPs, you might find these posts :

[thread=80772]"Eyepieces - the very least you need"[/thread] and [thread=63184]"Understanding and choosing eyepieces"[/thread]

a help in guiding you through the basics.

I'd be tempted not to buy anything for now and just use what came with the 'scope. With eyepiece time under your belt you'll know what needs replacing, or if there's a gap that needs filling.

As for filters, well the only ones that're anywhere near being "must-haves" are a moon filter and a solar filter (but only if observing the sun floats your boat). I wouldn't spend on any others till you know that you need them.

HTH :)

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