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First sighting of Jupiter


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After a while of concentrating on mainly gawping at Saturn since I got my telescope, I decided to give Jupiter a go last night

I thought that the view would be blocked by the flats next to my house but luckily Jupiter emerged from behind them at around 3:40AM. Mars and Venus unfortunately were still blocked from view by the time it was light but of the three I'm glad Jupiter is the one that I could see.

Lovely sight, it wasn't incredibly clear but I could make out a few different bands of colour reasonably well. I saw three moons as well, two close by on the right and one further away on the left. I just bought the Phillips webcam bundle from Morgan Computers so hopefully I'll be able to capture some Jupiter pics with that soon.

My Sony A-55* camera can shoot 1080p video though, so I connected that to the scope and took a couple of videos. I think the sensor is too big though really, but I thought I might as well grab a frame and crop the tiny little bit of it that Jupiter was in :)


* I keep having to edit my posts when I mention that camera as the swear filter seems to think I'm trying to say "posterior" in a sneaky way if I leave out the hyphen!

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Like you I have been gawping at Saturn at every chance I've had but was fortunate to get my gear just in time to see Jupiter at the start of the year. This was as it was getting low in the west so the views weren't the greatest but still I was impressed. Really looking forward to seeing it later when it's higher in the sky.

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