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I Saw Saturn on Friday!!!


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I saw Saturn on Friday for the first time! It was one of those moments that you know you'll remember forever. I was getting a bit frustrated because the cloud was really patchy, but finally I got a big enough gap, pointed the scope and there she was. At first it was just a blob and I was thinking, what have I done wrong! Then I focused it a bit better (D'oh) and wow, it just popped out at me, in all her glory, I could see the rings and it was amazing to think, it's there, it's real, I can see it with my own eyes!!!

I want more!!!

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I was using a 70mm Skywatcher Refractor (Courtesy of Mr Dyson, many thanks again kind Sir :clouds1: ) and the eyepiece was a 9mm from Ant (Courtesy of my Dad).

I tried to change eyepieces and take some pictures but the cloud was so patchy by the time I got myself sorted it would cloud over and I'd have to start all over...

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Good news Grant :clouds1:

I think everyone remembers their first view of Saturn. 

For me, it was a Christmas late shopping evening in Exeter High St; I took a basic 4" reflector from display out onto the pavement and pointed it at a bright star that someone had said was Saturn.  It took my breath away!  There I was, with Christmas shoppers milling around me, looking at Saturn.  I took my eye from the eyepiece and looked over the shop roofs at the bright point of light and thought WOW, there it is, all along, a giant gas planet slowly turning in space...  I then spent twenty minutes letting the shoppers who had gathered around me have a look. 

A lot of Exonians saw Saturn that day,


Steve :clouds1:

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