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A bit of a joke really..NGC1931


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Well I've been holding on to this one for a while (for obvious reasons!) as there's not much to be seen.

It was taken by accident as my alignment stars were off at the time and I was actually looking for the heart and sole nebs' but missed it by a fair chunk.

Anyway living at 59' North, it's just not getting dark at all so imaging has taken a back seat, so I though I would post this to lift my spirits :)

Don't think I have seen this one posted before..probably dew to its small size.

WIKI: NGC 1931, found in the constellation Auriga has been referred to as a "miniature version of the Orion Nebula", as it shares some of the same characteristics. It is a mixed emission-reflection nebula, and contains a smaller version of the Trapezium in its hot young star cluster centered in the emission nebula. The entire cluster/nebula complex is only about 3 arcmin[2] in size. The distance from earth is estimated at about 7000 light years.[3].

Equipment was all that's in my sig. Taken in March. 100% Crop

Thanks for looking :)



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Hi Michael.

That is a rare one,i dont recall seeing this before.I always associate Auriga with Star clusters,and not much in the way of nebulosity.This is one for darker skys,and will definately go on my winter list.

Thanks for posting,and nice image too.


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Cheers guys,

Martin: hmmm....maybe if you squint and...nope nothing like! LOL

Think this could do with a long focal length scope etc..

Astro Mick: Yes, in the wide field version I also just missed M36 :) oh well we learn the hard way! :)



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