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Lightbox question

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I'm putting together a 'lightbox' for creating 'flats'.

I'm using two 'strings' of white LEDs arranged in a 'cross pattern' to provide illumination.

I'm trying to find a way to diffuse the LED light to create an evenly illuminated panel.

Can anyone suggest a suitable [and 'lightweight] material that would work - I've tried using a flat piece of opaque white plastic panel but the LED light isn't diffused enough.



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Have a look at this thread - it shows how I made mine. The led's are mounted at the scope end of the box and the light is reflected off the "far" end into the scope. Only one piece of opal perspex is used as a diffuser.


Hope this helps .

I used this method (thanks Bizibilder :) ) the only difference is that i rubbed the LED's with fine sand paper to initially defuse then used vellum paper.

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hi i thought of a light boxs for that same reason, in the end what i did was once have finished put a old white shirt over the end of the scope bungee on and pull materail flat,its normally light dawn time i either shoot the morning sky with camera and every thing in place or ,take the scope stick it in the porch point the scope at the 10w light bulb with shirt over end of scope and get them that way a torch does the same

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