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Enlarger lenses

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Has anyone tried using old enlarger lenses for astrophotography? Nikon F3HP Cameras with Zörk Multi-Focus System | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Zeiss S-orthoplanar 60mmF4 and Apo-EL-Nikkor 105mmF5.6N | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I am always keeping my eyes peeled for affordable apochromats, to complement my Leitz Telyt 180mm, but most apo take lenses, like Elmarits and Canon L Series, are silly money. Rodenstock and Schneider appear to produce affordable apochromatic enlarger lenses, which I am sure could be adapted to work with my cameras. But are they actually any good? Enlarger lenses are designed to project an image over a distance of a few centimetres, not parsecs. Would I expect to see geometry problems or aberrations? I also have no idea about the companies in question. Nikkon and Zeiss produce similar enlarger lenses that are 8-10 times the price. thanks

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