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I'd be interested in subscribing to an astronomy magasine and was wondering if there are any particular one that members here would recommend.

I can't browse in a local W.H. Smiths since I'm in France. I might look for a French one too, but it's more relaxing to read in English.

Also, I wonder if the best magazines are published through an astronomical association rather than being distributed to the general public.



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Some months I find 'Astronomy Now' is more densely packed with useful info (especially for observing) and others 'Sky At Night' will have some good stuff (especially for imaging). With that variability it's difficult to choose without being able to skim read first.

You do get a DVD with Sky At Night.


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I subscribe to both Sky at Night and Astronomy Now too, I tend to find that Astronomy Now has more interesting articles but S@N has a better observing guide, but I guess that's subjective for the reader!

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I Read 'Sky at Night' and some times 'Astronomy Now' I seem to find that Sky at night has more practical info relating to the hobby whilst Astronomy Now has more of the interesting scientific news relating to astronomy. Both are very good. They both have monthly observation guides and both recommend interesting things to look for and where to find them.

some months i only buy the sky at night if the two mags both seem to be covering the same subjects but i usually get both when i can. :)

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I got myself a years subscription to Sky at Night, didn't renew it. It might just be me, but I found it to be too pop-sci, very "light and fluffy".

I still keep up my sub to Astronomía, the (only?) Spanish astro-mag. It's meatier, a bit more serious. From the descriptions it sounds more akin to Astronomy Now.

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