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Advice appreciated ( skygazer 'trip')

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Hey , I live in the netherlands and even though i can go to some spots with less light polution , the short grey? blue nights suck!, i am thinking to go to southern france this summer (it should be alot better there?), have any of you guys been to france for stargazing?, if so could you advise me on a good place :)

also when i go i want to go well prepared, but im not sure what pieces i am missing to do some good observing

I have 1 telescope and 1 tube with a lens ( skywatcher dob 300p and a meade etx 80)

2 2'' eyepieces (panaview 32 mm and aero ed 40mm)

2 '' barlow(*2)

1.25 barlow(*3)

standard 9.6 and 26 mm ep from meade

standard skywatcher eyepieces (10 and 25? i think)

what kind of filters do i need? and do i need 2''?

im pretty sure i need a digital angle guage to help me find objects since im still novice

also thinking of a televue tele extender 2'' 4* ( not sure if it's usefull)

red fleshlight

i don't have any filters yet, or a lightshroud(but im figuring lightshroud is not needed if i go to spot with almost no light pollution)

also i will have to use stellarium to pick a time when the moon is not around:P

any other tips to help me prepare would be appreciated

thanks in advance

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Although I have not visited this Gite personally but looking at the kit list available to guests I would be inclined to save a bit of hassle and leave your kit at home.

OllyPenrice (on this forum) runs the holiday home and can offer tuition etc.

The info listed in her signature is as follows:

Run Les Granges Astronomy Holidays, southern France. 20 inch Dob, 10"SCT, TEC140 apo, Takahashi FSQ85 astrograph. Lunt LS60-1200 solarscope TeleVue Pronto, ZS66, 6 inch achromat. Mounts, Takahashi EM200, 2 x EQ6. TeleVue Gibraltar and TelePod. CCD; 2 x Atik 4000 (mono & OSC), 2xAtik16ic, DMK21, Geoptik camera lens setup. Canon 1000D

As you can see they are very well equiped!

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