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Veil Getting Bigger


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Looking great Martin!

Shame about the last piece of the puzzle! But you will grab it soon enough. :)

Thanks for sharing,


I wish it was the last piece! I've got to do another row on top and another coloumn on the left yet, to capture the whole lot, East - West.

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Nice mosaic you 've got there Martin!!

You need to add some flats on the upper right corner to get rid of those nasty dusts there.

Looking forward to see the final result!

As it happens I'm just shooting a set now, those blobs only appeared in the last set, and didnt see them till after stretching...:)

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I havn't got a clue, I did read somewhere its about 5 full moons, whatever that equates to.:)

The moons angular size is approx 0.5 degrees or 30 arc minutes.

That would mean that your image equates to about 2.5 degrees I suppose :)

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3? I thought it was more, so its probably going to end up as 5 or 6. Would dread to think how long this would take with my camera :)

Its about 3 hours per panel - thats how many hours darkness I get at the moment:)

But I think I will go back - when its finished - and re-shoot the lot to get a bit more depth.

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