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What to buy next?


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I have recently picked up a EQ5 mount from another member on for sale section which is great, unfortunately I couldnt afford when offered with the pro goto on there so will be looking to upgrade that soon, but not sure if I should upgrade that or buy a 200p first?

Should i get the better scope first and use with the man tracking option or get the goto upgrade kit first then look to change the ota????

I'm thinking scope first then goto as more appeture would be better for visual observing and hope to pick up a goto on the for sale section at some point.

Im hoping for a good bonus at the end of july ( £500 ), as junes bonus is already labeled as beer money for a trip to benidorm with the lads, so could afford one of these brand new at least but which way to go first?

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Personally Since you have an EQ5 already which is a capable mount I would be inclined to say upgrade the OTA first.

The 200P is quite a big OTA so I would not go any larger as things start getting a bit unstable even for visual work.


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For me it's a no-brainer, get the scope. As Haitch says there's no point in finding stuff if you can't see it.

That's just mt 2P'worth.

Ultimately it's your choice, just be happy with whatever you go for and enjoy.

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Cheers guys thats exact what I was thinking get the ota first!!!! sorted will order it when julys wage comes in, providing I get my bonus!!!!!!

Will upgrade to the goto at a later date, might even get a deal on for sale section at some point!

NO WAY am I not going to benidorm, its a mates stag so got to really! ( and I cant wait )

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