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IPhone/IPad users - SkySafari3 free until 18th June


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see southern stars website or download from App store, basic version free and other versions half price - use this myself excellent app well worth it - Southern Stars • Home

Has full maps of night sky with many catalogues, best of night sky objects for given month, more advanced versions have satellites/asteroids/comets etc and has telescope control (additional cable required)

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Yes it is a very good app :)

I also use starmap pro which I feel is better as it provides much more info on targets.


I have both Starmap Pro and Sky Safari.

Unless I'm missing something the one thing SkySafari wins on hands down is info on targets - the only information I can find on Starmap Pro is data (some of which requires an Internet connection to see).

SkySafari has both data and an encyclopaedia's worth of descriptions and accompanying photos. It's the main reason I prefer this app to all the others I have.


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Starmap provides info on when an object is visible in the sky by both month of the year and time of the day also it will generate a viewing target list for that evening.

It also has the function to add telescope and eyepiece info and generate actual views as you would see through your telescope.

Also actual photos are used for the targets not just catalogue images.

These are a few options I have yet to find in Sky Safari.

The screenshots on the link I provided give the full list of features.

Saying that though I tend to switch about between apps quite a bit, I have Sky Safari 2 & 3, Starmap Pro, Distant Suns (also excellent), Stellarium & Starwalk.

Each has its pluses and minuses. :)

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I purchased the Pro version this morning and have been having a good play since. I have to agree with Tim, the object information is outstanding and is IMO much better than Starmap Pro. For all the major objects when zooming in there is a detailed picture of the object and there are in the object information other pictures some by amateurs and some by the HST and other observatories. I am using this on an iPOD Touch and these features do not depend on internet connection.

I personally don't want to use it to control my scope as I am happily using APT but this app is great for planning purposes and can produce a rotatable field of view as seen by your camera sensor. Unfortunately you need to know the real FOV of the sensor or eyepiece.

I think it is a great app and well worth the price especially while it is half price. The free version is well worth having if you don't want the enormous database that goes with the Pro version. There is also a cheaper plus version.


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