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Mystery Telescope

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help identify a telescope for me?

I picked up a couple of old scopes from a clear out of an observatory today, one I know is an old custom made refractor but the other I looks more like a mainstream one. My knowledge is somewhat limited and don't want to let the kids loose on it only to find out its a gem as the optics look in great condition.

It has a sticker stating it is a Telementor refractor A30 (Carl Zeiss?) but this isn't original and has been put on after by the observatory so I have no idea if this is correct.

I have posted some images along with the accessories that came with it (although 1 of the eye pieces isn't original).

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)





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Yep a Telementor, shame there wasnt the mount with it, a complete scope fetches a decent price in good condition. Optics are legendary for a 60mm.


Yeah, I have a feeling it was used as a finder scope so the mount is probably long gone :) It's in excellent condition and has a rail attached so mounting it shouldn't be a problem.

Just trying to decide what to do with it now!

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